Tuesday, November 30, 2010


"I'm so meaningless without him/her, I rather die."
For those who have this in mind and have the thought of killing yourself, or in other words, commit suicide, please do so and......
Go to Hell!!!! 

Don't ever, ever think or try to commit suicide ma'am/ladies and gentlemen as well. People are trying to struggle for survival, you in contra wanna go to hell...Try to think here, if you're dead by committing suicide, who will bear the consequences? Your parents and family members of course. (Funeral and documents, paparazzi, grief....Aiyo...pity those who help to clean the mess too....) And what happens if you try to commit suicide but you didn't manage to die? For sure you and your family members have to bear the shame you've caused. Adoi, you die means your business, but why need to trouble your family especially your parents and the elders. Why need to make them worried and sad. Can't you spend a second to think of them, how they raise you up, how much love they pour on you.

Losing this particular guy or girl doesn't mean it's the end of the world because someday you'll meet your other part of life. Or who knows he or she will be begging you to get back together the next few days. Anything can happen right? 

Curious right why I suddenly come out with this post. For your information, a girl was trying to end her life by trying to jump down from the 5th floor of a flat, just near my house yesterday, making me wanted to write bout it. (Aiyo, 5 storey only, can die meh???) There were police cars, fire engines and ambulance at the scene. Happened during my nap time. (Ish...ish...missed the big news....Aiyo...gepoh dao^^....) A lot of gepoh people were there. In the end the girl was rescued by a man. (Wuuu...if she did jump, caos man! 1st time in Kampar history. Kan Cheong....Till now I don't know who the main character is...)

Good cartoon...hahaha...But it does depict the true atmosphere...
This morning, as usual, I went for early morning aerobic, and I heard those aunties and uncles talking about the suicide incident...See, this is what I meant earlier, shame on you...shame on your family....People, news spread like wildfire. (I did play a part in spreading it...hohooho.)

P.s. For your information, if you fail to commit suicide in public, you'll gonna be charged for that...(I mean if nobody knows and you survived from committing suicide, that doesn't consider, cause nobody knows.) Appreciate life!!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010


"Fished" in this context doesn't mean that I went fishing or I ate fish, but it means that I made a fool or embarrassed myself; a direct translation from the Cantonese word "Yu" which actually means the fish that we eat. How does the fish is linked to the word embarrass? I also don't know. In Chinese, any word can be used to represent certain meaning. Interesting huh?...

Something hilarious happened this early morning where I with my friend, Yeip were "fished"....The story is like this.......

As usual, I woke up early in the morning to go to the park with my friend for aerobic dance. (Actually I'm not sure whether that activity is called aerobic or not....Whatever la...) After 45 minutes, the so called aerobic session ended, so we went back to the car to take our purse for a morning tea.

"Oh. Die lo. The car remote control no battery already." said Yeip.

OMG!!! No battery means we couldn't get into the car and couldn't go back also. So, Yeip and I made a few attempts but to no avail. *Hit hit the remote, press press the button, nothing happen* Then, ya hor....still got keys right...but then still couldn't open the car door. Thus, Yeip came to the last resort of calling her mum to bring her the spare remote. While she was calling, I kept on trying to open the car door. During the attempts, I heard the sound of the car opening, but the Myvi in front of me didn't give any respond. I looked in the car and saw a big luggage. I felt something weird was going on. Then, I looked back and press the remote button again, the other Myvi lighted up.......

What!!!!!!! WRONG CAR wo!!!!!(ish ish......same same also silver Myvi...No wonder....)

Yeip quickly ended her call and headed back to her own car. In the same time, my another friend's mum witnessed the whole process...Damn 'Yu' already.....
Both of us laughed like hell and comforted ourselves by making lame jokes..^^~

So, everyone out there, please look at the car plate number before opening your car because if not you'll end up to be like us. Luckily the owner of the other Myvi was not there. If not, I couldn't imagine how much further we'll be embarrassed... 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Betty's Birthday ~

Betty here is not Betty Boops, 

neither do Ugly Betty,

the Betty here is a nickname given to one of my Betz, Kai Hsien. 

Betty a.k.a Ah Bet a.k.a. Ah Lau a.k.a. Lau Lau, the youngest in the Betz, got her nickname (Betty) thanks to Liang Boy during a chit chat in class while empty class period. Today, Betty finally reached her last day of her 17's. This morning, with other Betz (Lee, Bloon, Fi, Jho, Chee, Kong), made a birthday eve surprise for her . We did surprise her^^~Yay

We attacked her @ her home....

Lee phoned the target to check put her schedule. Target is known to be free and @ home whole day. Bloon contacted all Betz.

9.00a.m. : Buy birthday cake.
9.30a.m. : Gather @ bloon's house. (Thanks to me for being late, supposingly 9.00a.m.)
9.45a.m. : Mission starts. Departure to target's home.
10.00a.m. : Arrive @ mission destination. Hide @ next house.
10.15a.m. : Prank starts. Lee and Bloon attack the target with a slice of cake and birthday song while the others hide ourselves with Bingo the dog.
Corner : Bingo
From left : Chee, Fi, Jho, Kong, Me

10.20a.m. : The remainings (Kong, Me, Fi, Chee, Jho) give a 2nd attack with a big cake and birthday song. 
10.25a.m. : Mission Accomplish with success! Target's touched.

Later on we went to YC @ the local food court^^~Unfortunately, Yeip and Jus won't be able to join.

P.s. From tomorrow onwards, all betz are officially eligible for clubbing!!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bored Young Girls!

^%##@^%5( My alarm rang, snoozed about 15 minutes.) It's 6.15 a.m. Wake up girl! You got a date to go to. Whao...wait a minute. Don't misunderstand, I'm not dating hot guys, the date I'm saying here is actually a normal outing with my 'Betz' ^^. Gotcha!...
(For your information, Betz is actually the name of my gang of buddies in Kampar.)

My date today : 
With : - Yeip and Bloon
Venue : - Kampar recreation park
Time : - 7 a.m.(Damn early...!!!)
Activity : - Jogging

Rare huh.....young people waking up so early for jogging.

Objectives : -
1. Overcome our boredom. 
2. Pick up a healthy lifestyle.
3. Have more time together with Betz.
4. Make our holiday more meaningful.
5. Increase stamina + burn fat.

We planned to jog until we sweat like hell but we changed our mind as soon as we reached there. (Don't worry, we're not withdrawing from our plan.) Looking @ those uncles and aunties, an idea stroke our minds.
 "Why don't we join the aunties and uncles for an aerobic dance?"

Yup....cancelling our jogging plan, we followed the leading uncle for aerobic dance...Wow....we do perspire a lot. For those interested to lose weight or gain a healthy lifestyle, but, however, do not want to jog like hell, you can actually do aerobic dance which is more fun and less tiring. It's really fun, although our hand-leg coordination is not so well. (Hahaha....It's kinda a funny scene. You see. Most of the people there aged averagely 50 and above. However, you'll see 3 young girls in the middle of the age-gy group.)

In the middle of the aerobic dance.....

"Hey, why don't we try Tai Chi?" looking at the other side where a granpa is Tai chi-ing, followed by some aunties.

So, we changed our 'channel'. Aerobic > Tai Chi. Then the Tai Chi stopped and we changed back our channel to aerobic. Soon enough, the aerobic ended. As we were about to leave, an aunty told us that the Tai Chi actually haven't end yet. So, we continued our Tai Chi. Well, the fact is that's not Tai Chi.  =.= After the "Tai Chi" session. we got some chance to chat with the aunties. It's actually called Qi Gong 18 styles (direct translation from Chinese), simplified from Tai Chi and every move starts from the left side...(Adoi, we're just like main hantam...)Aerobic>Qi Gong>Aerobic>Qi Gong, I wonder if this exercise pattern bring any bad effects.....^^.

P.s. For those lazy bumps who spend your holiday or sem break without doing anything, please kindly kick up your butt and start doing some exercise. Spend some quality time rather than waste your time in front of your laptop or TV, or on your bed....

Friday, November 19, 2010


Home Sweet Home! I'm at home, writing bout stuffs about my home.

The orange yellow terrace house located opposite to a small field in Tmn. H.C.E. > My home^^. 
Major components making the house Home would be : -
a) Dad and Mum
b) Bro and Sis
c) My dogs^^~

The top 3 things I LOVE about my house.
Ranking 1st : Family members (Dad, Mum, Bro, Sis)
Love them like a lot and a lot^^.

Ranking 2nd : My pets
My dogs( Lucky and Bean Bean, 3 tortoise, a pond of fish)
Luck Luck a.k.a Lucky

Good old lucky dog. But for your information, she has a bad "smoking" habit, just like my father, sort of....
She eats cigarette buds. =.=
Bean Bean when she's small, when we just picked her from the homeless.

Tell you something. When I was @ UPM, my family was trying to get rid of her. So they brought her, with her blindfolded, to the market, so that she won't be able to recognize the road back. But guess what. She found her way home......
Ranking 3rd : My toys and some memorable stuffs
Including toys I played with more than 10 years, my birthday presents, my collection of books, my souvenirs, etc.....
>> 3 tortoise of mine

The top 3 things I HATE bout my house.  
Ranking 1st : My bossy younger Sis 
I do  mean only when she's bossy. When she's not bossy, I don't hate her. She really really bossy. She thinks she owns everything. Duhh! Just bear with her. But when she needs me, hahahahaha, that's the time I'll seek revenge.

Ranking 2nd : Mosquitoes
It's like a lot and a lot. I'll be like scratching my legs the whole day. How come I didn't get denggi...Hoho...Get immuned due to the lots of mosquitoes bites I think...hahaha^^. It's due to fact that my house is located near a bushy area,and next to an old, wrecked, wooden house. Good place for mosquito breeding you see.
(You'll sure get annoyed by them. Trust me. Before going to my home, get yourself prepared.)

Ranking 3rd : Ants
It's everywhere. I do mean EVERYWHERE! My bed. Table. Walls. Books. Everywhere!!! Argh!!! 
(I'll be like>>Oh no...Not my food! Damn it....they're in my books..)

Interesting stuffs about my house :
1. My dog, Bean Bean
(I got 2 dogs now, last time got 2, my dad sent one away when I'm in UPM, thank god he didn't told me, if not I'll be in tears.)
- Bean bean can go freely in and out if the house although the gate is closed, or even locked. How did she do it? I know. I caught her do this>>>>>

Climbing through the gate. Isn't this "great"? 
Now they can't sing the song - Who let the dogs out?!!!

2. My ceiling 
It drips water when it rains. My dad fixed it several of times. Perhaps its really an old house. Sweat =.=''' 

3. My car.
Erm...for those who never see my car, let me tell u bout it. It's a Proton Saga, with a lot or scratches and bumps. How come? Thanks to the best drivers ever - me, Mum and Bro.

4. My clock
It shows 8 o'clock, but in fact its only 7.30...What? Half an hour earlier! I bet no one's gonna be late.

Want to know more? Pay a visit to my house^^.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

End of Final and Home Sweet Home

15 November 2010(Yesterday)

Yippee, BBI2409 paper end @ 9.45am and it's the time we're free to go! I bid some of my friends goodbye with a big great hug at the exam venue and headed off to S.S for breakfast + lunch with Yien Ting, Michelle, Moon and Mel. Later on, we headed back kolej to pack and prepare to leave.

As I reached kolej, I saw my friends( Peggy and Fen) already taking their things to their cars. HUHU....Sad to  part...Hugs and hugs...Anyway, we'll meet back next semester...^^.....Pack...pack...pack....Pass back the keys, me and Moon went to bus stop to wait for our bus. My train depart at 6.05 p.m. but I left the kolej @ 2p.m..Sad to say if I missed any bus or KTM.(I hate KTM!) Anyway...we were lucky...The bus is here and it's empty and its KTP bus (Going straight and didn't stop at Serumpun)...Seeing us holding 4 big bags, the driver laugh at us.(Ya....Its 4 big bags, carrying front one, back one, left and right each holding one.)Ok...we arrived FBMK bus stop where I had to wait for the bus to KTM station. Again me and Moon were lucky. The KTM bus was empty and we managed to get a nice seat. 

Wow....I can conclude that I'm pretty lucky yesterday. At KTM station, I was queuing for my KTM ticket to KL Sentral when a guy came as me for a favour to buy his ticket. He offer to pay my ticket if I helped him save the queue...So I agree....I'm damn lucky...I saved RM1.70...(However,when I think back I should have pay him back) Then, earlier that, I found back my long-lost mechanical pencil.(I forgot whom to I lend to, and found out to be at Meema. While waiting at the KTM station, there was one crazy lady (don't know crazy or not) and she was like asking everyone something....Then, I took out my cell phone and acted I'm chatting in the phone...Phew...I avoided her...^^....Then the commuter arrived...YES!!! I made in smoothly...Thanks Gohonzon!!!(I'm so happy because the last time I went home, I didn't manage to squeeze in and I had to take a cab to KL Sentral which I had to pay a high cost)..OoOH..It started to rain. Luckily I'm in the commuter already and I reached KL Sentral....Once again, I met the crazy lady. But this time my mum called...hehehe..no need pura-pura....Huge relief...

I arrived KL Sentral @ 4 p.m. but my train is @ 6p.m. Didn't expect that everything went out so smoothly.So, had to wait and wait. After 2 long hours, I finally heard the passenger call for train no.56. My train is here! I boarded the train and sat next to a guy that I didn't talk to him at all throughout the journey. Next to me, there was a lady....going back Kampar also. But the lady really did make me annoyed. She sat at both seats where one was supposingly a seat for a lad, giving the excuse of heavy luggage, driving the poor lad to another seat...lol....I got lots of luggage too....She sat there comfortably throughout the whole journey =.='''no eye see....

2 hours later...........

Yay^^Kampar train station^^...I'm back to my hometown...There, I met dad and sis and my beloved mum...
Reached home and had a nice meal....What a blessing...Hopefully for the next time I'm going back, Things will be as smooth as this time...Going home is challenging, arriving home is a lifetime achievement!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sem 1 - Final

One more day to go and I'll be ending my Sem 1 of life in UPM. Whao...such heavy feelings I have while writting this. Yesterday, 13 November 2010, once again I created another piece of history worth to be treasured. Its was the day that I had Physics paper, my most dislike subject ever. However, not bad....I enjoyed doing Physic paper more than the other subjects I like. Anyway, its not the nice piece of history I'm mentioning here....OK....straight to the point...I went outing with my UPM buddies (Peggy a.k.a Dota queen a.k.a Social Queen, Michelle a.k.a. liu po, Xiao Fen a.k.a. Fern, Yien Ting a.k.a Ng, Kim a.k.a. Kim Possible, Moon a.k.a. Wen Xing , Esther, Siew Lee a.k.a steamboat mama, Mellisa) after Physics paper^^.So bad Steph not joining...It's kinda like a celebration for the End of Final...muahahaha...(although the last paper will be tomorrow). We went Mines together, had a boat ride together and had our lunch @ Old Town. After that we went shopping for steamboat materials....Yay...you're right...We had a steamboat for dinner! It's so nice to buy buy vege with a bunch of friends...Hope to do it more often^^

Wow....after that we left Mines (exhausted...look as if like the zombies in Plant vs Zombies). Phew....It take so long for one UPM bus to come>>>>>>>OK.......reached kolej>>>>>>open FB.....Nap.....Prepare For STEAMBOAT!!! Siew Lee, Peggy, Michelle and I, dutied to do preparation while the other 4 nap first and then do the cleaning after steamboat....hahaha....systematic is it? ( Feel so nice, no need to do cleaning after eat...hohoho)

Ok...tomorrow I'l be going back Kampar...~so gonna miss you guys!!! So, later in the midnight, I started packing my stuffs for balik kampung....OMG!!!! How to keep these stuffs? Which to bring back and which not to bring back? I'm totally in a caox!!! OMG again....How to carry those stuff enter bus...enter KTM!!!?...I dare not imagine it....

One sem over just in a blink second. So much joy and regrets...(Joy more...^^) Living outside of home is really a lifetime experience...What I regretted is I didn't pay much attention to my studies...T_T...nevermind...Sem 2 and 3...wait for me....I wont be defeated by you!

T_T HUHUHU....I'm starting to miss my roommates, my friends and my seniors~~~BYE BYE F504....don't meet again....(I don't want fifth floor again next sem!)