Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Woohoo...I'm officially pronouncing that I'm 19~ *clapsssss.....('')'')

This year I had a very different Birthday because this is my 1st first celebrating my birthday without my family...hukhukhuk....TT___TT *Before my birthday, I was like thinking it again and again..The more I think..the more I get depressed. I miss the the tradition of eating cake with my family...I recalled back last year. How my birthday turn out to be. I almost cried....*So emo le...XD ...Coincidently, that day was Father's Day. I felt more gloomy for not be able to be with Dad. Luckily when Mummy called, I didn't burst into tears.

Why not just go back and celebrate???

Ohuu.huu. So sad to say I have to help out in one college programme, Jalinan Bestari.*Why would you wanna smash my birthday~I hate you>o< *Well, I didn't hate the programme la...^^ The programme kinda cheered my last day of 18 by bringing me to Taman Botani. That particular Sunday, the very morning, I got two water balloon from Michelle and Aifaa during the explorace..Thanks~ I was not expecting that. =D

The day was pretty devastating for me...*I'm exagerating =.= I thought that my buddies here in UPM just let my day dull. 

Why did I think like that?

For June Babies : Ming Rhee and Olivia (Jr.)
Siew Lee and Me(Senior)
Secret recipe banana chocolate cake...^^
You see, they did a surprise for me before my true birthday...Okok...for June Babies, during a gathering with the juniors. The gathering was some sort of a tradition to enable us senior to get to know more about the juniors and as well as for the junior to know us. Kakakaka...I can't stop laughing when I recollect back that day incident. I kinda burst their surprise bubble when I accidentally caught my friend, Danny, squatting down in front of the cake which was suppose to be a surprise. I laughed like hell! 

The gathering~ thanks Siew Lee and Michelle, the photografers for this photo.
Where was I? Hah..I thought that my buddies won't celebrate my birthday because they already did one for me..Okla...*June Babies.  The rest of my day I was like >>>

Haih~ Looks like I'm not having a cake on my real birthday =( 
But nevermind la...At least they got celebrate early and wish me. 
My betz at Kampar also did wish me. 
They remembered my birthday...*Credits to Facebook*

Night, there was one big event held in UPM, opening ceremony for MASUM 2011. So, Michelle borrowed a car and three of us, Michelle, Kim and me went there to take a look. Due to the parking, we decided to go to McDonalds instead. Yeay, finally satisfied my yearn for ice-cream ^^...Later we went to a grocery and we headed back college. In the car, Michelle was like saying that she's sorry for not doing anything on that day. I was like have to accept the fact. At least she brought me to eat my favourite ice-cream. *I paid for it one...
My Fav~ <3

So, when I arrived back college, I saw my UPM buddies and I talked to them. Then. Michelle urged me to follow her to return the car keys. Reluctantly I followed her, so did Kim. Out of a sudden, Michelle received a call from "Pika" saying that there will be a meeting at Phoenix. This time I was so reluctant to go and I starting to make excuses because I was thinking to finish 2 of my lab reports. But Michelle insisted, so I just had to go. *It was already 11.25pm.

When we reached Pheonix, I saw no single HICOM. I started to sense some fish. Then, Michelle told me that Kai called and the meeting was behind Andromeda. From that point, I already can guess. The day was not that bad after all. I followed Michelle to the behind of Andromeda. What I saw my UPM buddies, with TWO cakes. =D A bright smile was then vividly shown on my face. I was so touched. 

Apple cake

Mango cake

Haha.... I got 2 cakes instead of one on my birthday. *Don't jealous my dear readers.*
So in total > 3 cakes...eh eh..nono...One of my friend promised to give me one later... That makes it 4...hohohoho....

Fen : "Chee Yien is 60 years old already. She blew so many candles."
Kai asked : "Are you not tired eating so much cakes?" 

This year is really a special one. Now I knew why I met all my friends when I reached college that day. My friends are really spoiling me a lot. I acted so bossy. Demanding for this and that, but they didn't mind and non-stop creating me surprises. Love you all...Hope that friendship never ends^^v.

UPM buddies : -
My roomies : Michelle, Kim, Moon, Yien Ting and Melissa
My girls coursemates : Fen, Peggy, Esther, Stephanie and Esther
My guys coursemates : Kai, Danny, Alvin
Infinite thanks to all of you!

P.S. Finally I experienced the feeling of 100+ people posted at my Facebook wall and I had to like and comment every single of it...Thanks people^^~ I might get old, but my spirit shall get younger!

Friday, June 17, 2011


Well...it's since awhile  I didn't update my blog..walao..~~...ok....within these few days im gonna post in new entry..Just wait for it... :)