Monday, June 21, 2010


During the Aunt's function, There's a 3-layered cake. At first, I got no interest to look at the cake...Then till the end of the function, Aunt told me to keep the cake back to the boxes. So I did and I found out this cute little pattern on the cake.

See, the fishy cute rite. It's made of icing only.

Talking about cake, I'm quite fed up already....Why? It's like this. The cake in the function was too big and nobody wants it because not nice geh..Then, Aunt told me to take the uppermost layer of the cake(The cake has 3 layers) and take it home..And remember that. It's my birthday and Mum bought a cake too. So, Sunday(20 June),lazy Mum decide not to cook and guess what. CAKE for DINNER!!!(Early in the morning, I've had a slice or cake for BREAKFAST too). Till now(21 June,1.00a.m.)....One whole fishy cake more to go. 

Anyway my birthday cake nice right?


19 June
18...18 years of living...Yup,it's my birthday. Really really thanks those who wishes through facebook and sms's. (Majority-> Facebook). And most of all I want to thank Dad and Mum. I'm so touched by them. I can say, Dad and Mum loves me and vice versa. (Bro and Sis, you both too.)

It's a quite tiring birthday actually. The day before, my aunt suddenly came to my home. Then she asked me whether I'm free or not on that day(my birthday) and could I help her in a function that evening. Without second thought, I told her I'm free and willing to help. At that moment, I regretted. (Why I regretted? It's my birthday lol...and yet I can't spend my time with my family. It's tradition for me to light the candles>Dad, Mum, Bro and Sis sang birthday song> Make wishes> Blow candles and Yummy yummy. It looks like I have to broke the tradition. Thanks to my "quick thinking".) I've been thinking how to reject her by any means but Dad said promise is a promise. Hearing that i'm not that willing to go, Sis volunteered to accompany me.(Sis, I owe you one here.)

So, Uncle came and fetch me and Sis to the function on 5.30p.m. I called backed home, asked my Dad where Mum is. It's such pleasant to hear that Mum's out for a birthday cake. SO touched. (Actually I asked Mum to buy and  I did pay for it. Mum didn't even give back me the changes.Well, I'm touched because Mum is the lazy kind of going out person but then she went straight off for my cake.)Later on I regretted more. Help them like "kuli". Distribute this and that. Holding the damn heavy alcohol(wine) for auction, standing in front of the stage, holding the wine like nut...Fortunately, I've a companion(My aunt's niece, with the same name pronunciation like mine,Ah yan. Popular name huh..).Because of the helping, i barely had a proper meal.Sweat...really sweat..Tick tok tick tok..Finally, function end at 10.00++p.m. and yet stil couldn't go home. Still need to wait Aunt and Uncle to clean up. It's till 11.00++p.m that i finally got fo home sweet home..I thought : " By now Dad's asleep.Tradition broken".So sad.

But then Sis told me Dad called. So Dad's not asleep yet. Touched again. ( Dad usually sleep quite early you see. He actually waited for me and bear the sleepiness) When I arrived home, Dad's at the gate. Hehehe ^^~.....11.15++p.m.> I continued for the same old tradition. Cake time!!!

 Nice rite. Mum chose it her own.

It seemed that Bro was not quite involved. The actual fact is on 1.00++a.m, he wished me Happy Birthday with a very cute manner before bedtime. So sweet.

Anyway, thanks again for those remembering my birthday and wishes me birthday wishes...And for those forgotten my birthday >> BE CAREFULL!! Wahahaha...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Medical Check-up

Monday(14 June),Bright 

Planned to have done my medical report for my entry to U. I went to the hospital to make my medical report on 9a.m. When I reached there, the people there told me to take my blood grouping at BP lab(because the clinic needs 2 weeks to have the report but BP lab only one day) and return back to the hospital on 2p.m. So, me and Mum went to BP lab and have my blood grouping done. Its only 10.00a.m. Then, we decided to went home. Waiting and waiting. It's 2p.m. time to go to the hospital.When we went there, only I noticed that I left my purse at home(Kanasai, my I/c and car licence is in there!) Then, Mum told me to give a try without the I/c since i brought photostated one. Went there for registration, the people told me again, blood grouping..blablabla...ok. Then I told him i did the blood grouping already. But then the person told me. If I wanted to complete my medical report in one day I had to bring along my Blood grouping result. Sweat....Say early ma. Wasted my time to wait. Then I went to visit my sick Granma.

Tuesday (15 June), Bright

Went to BP lab to get my blood grouping report. Hehe..My blood type is O+. Went again to the hospital on 2p.m.. Went there and have my medical report done...But the lousy report took me 2 long hours to finish.....Sweat again....But quite interesting to had my X-ray film..

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Hey, I saw something interesting today while i'm on the way to my religion meeting.

Its almost 8 p.m. the day is dark. Its a peacefull journey until Mum :" Aiyoh!". Then a took a look around the road. This is the image of what i saw.
See, this is what happens when speeding. I think the driver wanted to avoid another vehicle but yet he/she's too fast and end up on a seat on the divider. But this kind of accident actually has its advantage...It doesn't block the road..hahaha..But then the junction is really an accident causing road. Many accidents happen there. What's the reason???Well, ask the driver.

New Journey~

It's 3 weeks from quitting school. Finally, I've gotten my final decision after really knowing the JPA results. From here you can guess that i didn't get it.Anyway, although no head price but i got consolation price.At least I'm saved from the STPM route which is hard and risky.(I'll explain later) UPM, here I come. That's right. I'm going to further my studies at UPM. No more doubts. And no more turning back. I got this course of foundation in agrobio, but yet does this course leads me to my ambition? Very hard to say. Well, Malaysian's education is like this. After you finish your STPM / matriculation or foundation (government one like mine), you get to make your few choices of course you wanted to pick.OK. 1st choice : bla bla, 2nd choice : bla bla and so on.Then, you need to wait what course the government offers you. (How do they offer? At first, are you a *a*a*? Well, also based on your results.) Super-luckies may get their 1st choice and unfortunates will get courses out of their choices. See what i'm trying to mean earlier? Face the fact. Reality is cruelty.

Why i picked the foundation instead of Form6?
1. To achieve good CGPA in STPM, one really need to study like HELL.
2. STPM>1 1/2 years studies jammed in your head. Foundation> semester system.
3. STPM> Not guarantee entering local 1st line U. Foundation> Guaranteed a place in U.
4. STPM> Need to go tuition. Foundation> Nahh...
5. STPM> Takes longer time. Foundation> Shorter time.
6. Dare not take STPM. 

What bothers me now?
1. Many procedures and preparations for entering U.(Not many actually, I've already prepared the documents. Just to fill in.)
2. The U seemed to have a form unsent to me.(Then I lazy wanna call them.)
3. The question of "Will i be able to take veterinary after the course?" still bothers me a lot.
4. Is my hostel haunted?(I scaring myself here)
5. Will i able to catch up in my studies?(Half a year didn't study, what also forgotten..DIE HARD)
6. What meals i'll be taking there.
7. How much family income do I have to fill in for the forms? The real or the fake one?
8. Where am I going to buy my laptop? Which laptop should i buy?
9. I'm totally a stranger there and unfamiliar with the place.

So, I'm confirmed leaving my hometown Kampar on July the first. So pity i can't celebrate my bro's birthday..Bro don't miss me ya. Betzz at Kampar, I will miss you all and the bet at KL...I'm joining you soon.