Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another Beginning

A blink second > Semester 2 end > Home
Another blink more > Semester 3 begins > UPM

A week is really a very short period of time. You won't really feel a thing.
So, how do I spend my one week of break? Well, just nothing much.

Basically almost all my time was spent at home, watching movies and playing games, not forgetting surfing the internet but then there were still extraordinary stuffs happened...The first thing that changed was my hair colour ^^. Whoppeee, I'm a blondie now! ( Historical fact : CY dyed her hair for the 1st time @ 01052011)

Then, I went to my friends home @ 02052001 and had McD sundae cone with her. Watched Diary of A Wimpy Kid and The Grown Ups. Both are nice movies.

Saw a big tortoise for the 1st time in real. However, unfortunately it met his end of life before it sees the big world.
R.I.P :(

Cooked rice which I think I hadn't do that since a year ++ ago >.< ( The rice is so hard!!! Luckily edible.)

Clipped the nails of my guinea pig for the 1st time and watched it pooped >.< It actually almost pooped in my hand and...Hey...guess how many (biji) poop in a time??
Poopee ^^

Had a Mother Day dinner at Restaurant Jia...and had shark fin soup...yum yum.(Actually I wondered is it really shark fin? but anyway, it's so few that I don't actually taste the fins....)
Yum yum~

Haih.... 08052011, the day of my return to UPM. So sad to do so. I haven't had enough play yet! >.<

Later that night, Sis picture messaged me...

"Today de mother cake at aunty there and someone can't eat. Haha :). It is yummy. Goodnight and have a good dream^^ "

Ish this budak......!!!!

P.s. I should post this long time ago....But my lazy bones just do not allow me to do so XD

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rounding Up

 I really hate it when time flies. It doesn't wait any human being. Just the second of a blink, my semester 2 in my foundation ends. *Sob sob, so dramatic XD*

Let me see...hmm...ya...Once again I spent my time with some AWESOME stuffs in UPM and a STRESSFULL one indeed. (That's how we learn, no PAIN, no GAIN.) I had times of feeling to condemn people in vulgar words...*&;(*@#*&$% haha. There were also times of happiness, guilt, dissapointment, and sorrow.

To Ayahanda
Pagoh trip to help flood victims :)
Pre-CNY steamboat at Fen's
Together with friends and seniors, I explored a lot. I learned a lot. I'd gained a lot. I went to KL area for the 1st time. Went to Fen's house for the 1st time. Organised an activity for the 1st time. Pranked someone so successfully for the 1st time. Narrated for the 1st time. Involved and watched drama for the 1st time. Stayed awake for the whole night just to play DoTA for the 1st time. Stayed at room alone. Went out pasar malam with Hunan(China) students.(I got lots of goodies from them.) Involved in an exhibition. OWH! How I missed those moments.
English Drama
ft. Yan, Areej, Arep, Danny, Kai, Alvin, Izwan, Peggy, ME!
1st row from left : Kim, Moon, Fen, Ng
2nd row from left : Michelle, ME, Melissa

Best prank ever! XD
However, again and again I failed to reach my target > Study Well (Seriously I need to get rid of this 'disease'.) What i can say for my performance in finals is > SUCKS &*$&*^&$@. Pray hard hard hard HARD.

HELLO, HELLO, 1st of May is here. Bye bye April. Talking bout April, April Fool this year was superb dull. :)