Sunday, April 25, 2010

Earth Hour!!!!

Heuw.....what an evening. An effective way of Earth Hour...No electricity in Kampar for 2+ hour.
Its super hot...everyone came out of their homes to get a cooler air...Luckily, the weather was not hot.

Well, around 6.05pm, Mum was just about to leave for a wedding dinner, damn it...the computer shut down suddenly. No more TV sound. Oh Man!!!!No electricity in this hour! Having nothing to do, i went out of the house. The day is soon getting darker and darker...It was already 6.45pm.I went to have a cold shower...Reaching 7.00pm, the day is now in total darkness. I sms-ed my friends, checking out whether their homes have electricity or not...It turn out to be whole Kampar no electric current.

Mum did not cook dinner that day and at first my family plan to go KFC for dinner. Dad set a time target, 7.30pm.If the current is not yet back, then me and Bro will need to buy the food back home. Just as I expected, no KFC. Dad said before I left home" Cincai buy la, no KFC jau clay pot chicken rice." When i look at the shop,Wah!!!2 hours later also don't know whether can eat not...So many people are still waiting. Then, I suggested Bro to go food court. When I reached food court, whao,every stall had lit their candles....So "romantic"...I thought "Do the old times are like that?"

After walking round the stalls, me and Bro found out that there are not much choices of food that can be chosen. (Actually is Bro didn't like the food and he realy wanted to eat KFC).He then suggested me that there's not only one KFC in Kampar.Uhoh,he's thinking wanting to go Tesco KFC. To please him, I just followed what he wishes. (Why am I so reluctantly wanted go Tesco? Guys,for your information, Bro and I were riding a motorbike only. To reach Tesco we need to go long a big road with heavy traffic. Then, maybe is the same condition, no electric current.)I'm scared la brother...Along the way to Tesco, I prayed in my heart...well, really "wan kat" no electric current...So we just had to leave and go back to the food court...
The worst thing comes here...No electric current means that the traffic lights are not working. Its the T junction where my motorbike stops. We can barely able to cross to the other side of the road since vehicles were coming in our way. So we need to hang around the car beside us to cross the road. The traffic is quite busy since many left their houses.(It's pasar malam night and no you know la...)wah...kan cheong...we had to forcefully cross the road since cars kept on coming in and we had to act fast....when our motorbike manage to cross the road....Wahhhhh!!!Big Lorry(12 wheels type) in the opposite road....Bro stop the motor immediately....I actually cried out 'Dai lorri ahhh'.In my heart,'I don't want to die this young age...,I dont want to appear in the head news!!!!'

Eventually, I went back to kampar(old town) safely...

Monday, April 19, 2010


During the camp,I've been drinking Milo either during breakfast or supper...continuously 3 days...but that's not it...the Milo is still haunting my dad "ta bao" me MILO also(4 days continuously drinking Milo)....sweat..

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Whao....Its the end of division camp....well quite tired but i did enjoy...It's consider that i did something meaningful during my long break.The camp is really memorable for me(Yala...Why?Coz i'm the S.U.,treasurer and vice camp commander...with so much things to do how am i gonna forget.but i don't mind coz it makes me busy keeping me away from total boredom)...I'm quite glad the camp can be organized after all sorts of obstacles and procedures....

Thanks to the AJKs, i have fun during the camp..(if anyone discover my blog and is part of the ajk,you noe la what happen...secrets between ajk...unless someone cant resist to spread the news hehehe...).Thinking back..ah.i do miss the the way the school still give me the creeps when im passing by certain area though it is not the 1st time having camp in the school.It's a good thing for this camp is no campers meet any "Friends"...If not...huh....big big problem.

I do hope that in the future that i still have the opportunity to take part in such activities,having a bunch of people gathering in one place to learn more and foster friendship.