Saturday, April 30, 2011

Twins ~

16 April 2011

This date is very significant for the residents in F504 of college 13.

Present giving ceremony by Michelle to Yien Ting, one of the ones to be celebrated.

Present giving ceremony by me to Kim, another one to be celebrated.

Yup, 16 April is their birthday^^....*claps.....
(There's  a lot of my friends born in April)

Domino's pizza and pudding cake ~

P.s. Earlier that day is M.U.E.T test. Hmm....

Sem Break 2

Awwww. It's semester break and it's time for me to update my little diary here ^^...In fact I owed my diary a lot of stories...Just wait for it!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Out Awhile

Yesterday was the last lecture for me in this semester. So, without further ado, me, Peggy and Esther went out for awhile. We planned to go somewhere in KL but we ended up in Mines ^^' hehe. As soon as we arrived, 3 starving girls went hunting for FOOD!

This is what I ordered at Old Town. So filling.

Other than that, I went trying Coolblog for the first time. (I couldn't manage to purchase one at Putra foodcourt due to the never ending line-up).

Afterwards, I went to the KTM station to purchase tickest to go home^^ (I took quite a long time resulting a long queue behind me. So paiseh.)

Well, MUET will be tomorrow. So, in order to improve my vocabulary, I did some reading. (Currently still reading) Good luck my friends ^^!


14 April 2011 (14411)
Well, my bloggie is like my personal, little, open diary. Today, I'm opening my diary to jott down one piece of history that has been created.

Life in UPM really rocks for me...Seriuosly. I got to try new stuffs and experienced a lot of wind and sun. The best part of college life is I got to know really awesome friends and seniors....(Junior? I think bout to be) Okay. Got these few people that I get to be close with namely Peggy. Wa. Infinity thanks to Gohonzon (To whom I pray to) for leading her to me. Thanks to Peggy too, I'm in to this game named D.O.T.A. From there I got to be close to 4 guy seniors : Abg Mirul, Abg Hus, Abg Star and Abg Azrul. (Some of you might know who they are.)

11 April 2011 (11411) was Abg Mirul's birthday. Abg Hus planned for an attack on his birthday...But well, the attack didn't fall in time and this leads to the date 14.4.11.

Around 9 o'clock, me and Peggy met up Abg Hus in front of Vela to discuss about the evil plan...huuu...XD. Ingredients prepared includes : Curry powder, rotten eggs, flour, green colouring, belacan, and overnights curry puff. Around 10.15p.m., the victim (Abg Mirul) arrived Vela. (Time for action). I went to the gazebo behind Vela and start "crying" while Peggy will tricked him to me, to comfort me. 1st trial unsuccessful. (He just left me "cry" alone there.....sob sob...). 2nd trial, Peggy scolded him, blaming him for making me cry and urged him to comfort me. He stayed there in condition Peggy is with us. So, Peggy stayed.

OMGosh.....wrong positioning...he sat facing the wrong direction...(Still "sobbing" XD) So, Abg Hus phoned me. Then, I was like pretending to talk so solemnly to MUM. hahaha. So, after received the phone call, I was wo??? So I whispered to Peggy, which she can't get it. Thus, I texted her in my own phone and showed her...And hey...Didn't know how she do it, he changed place (This time correct position, Abg Star and Abg Hus will be attacking from behind him.)

So freakingly funny was, Abg Mirul saw the other two, but he didn't suspect anything...(haha...too freak out for thinking that he made me cry) Kaboom, here goes the flour...bla bla bla...He did looked like a green monster....hahaha

So that's it. One evil plan accomplished and here goes my first prank ever!!!Wuhoo...XD I still got some of the colouring sticked with me. I wondered how's Abg Mirul which obviously got the whole lot of it.  Thanks Abg Hus for inviting me and Peggy.....


P.S.Way man. When i'm writing this blog, a cat enterred my room. Michelle came back and she told me the cat was actually staring at me. Ehw...freaks me out..But really had no idea when it entered.(Actually earlier I and my roomies saw it.)

Monday, April 11, 2011

10 April 2011

Intercollege Drama Competition

Haha. I became the narrator of the drama Cubicle Neighbour of College 13.
The best part is
I got to make up nicely
we won 2nd place ^^
out of 3 college XD


Thanks Siew Lee and her roomies who invited me to this steamboat.
I'm really bloated ^^.


Wakaka. Good one from Abg Husaini. Guess who's birthday? 
Glad that you're happy.
Plan succeeded.
Credits to Peggy, Abg Hus, Abg Azrull, Abg Star and others.

Hopefully my remaining days in College 13 will be superb ^^...*So sad to say these words..haih*

Friday, April 1, 2011


Smuggling? Drugs? Pirated DVD? Of course not those stuffs that I'm smuggling back home. 

They were those I smuggled back :)
Cute right....^^ Guinea Pigs

Why did it had to be counted as smuggling? 

This smuggle happened just a week from today. Well, after a whole lot stressful month at college, I decided to go home for the first time just for weekends. ( Previously I went back during breaks only.) As usual, I took the train to go back home. 2 days before that, one of my friend decided to give away his cavies. Feeling pity for those 2 little buddies, I tried luck to ask beloved Brother, whether he'll like to adopt them or not. 

I texted : Bro, do you wanna keep guinea pigs? Ask father too.
Bro replied : Want. No need to ask father.

Well, well. Luck was with me, so as to Friend who couldn't keep them and to those piggies as well^^.  Yup, I had to bring them home with me. Thus, I fetched 2 little buddies from Friend the night before my home-coming and brainstormed for quite long on what's the best way to carry them all the way home. (With plastic, without plastic,.......carry this way. No. Carry that way..) Again....worries and worries....I wondered why does it have to be so challenging for everytime I went back home.

Friday (25 March 2011) arrived. Morning
-Skipped Physic class. (To pack my stuffs. I'm kinda regretted for doing it...but if I was given a chance back, I'll still skip the class >.<)
-Took some forms for signature. (Stupid accommodation forms.)
-Stocked up cucumber for cavies. ( For piggies so that they won't squeak during journey home. If not, people will found out and I'll be doomed.)

Noon / Evening
I can say that I'm pretty lucky that day. See what happened.

-Passed up forms. (Kinda troubling in this part. all owe me this one...XP )
  Thanks to some problem, my timing ran off the track and I found out myself in a rush. Thanks to Siew Lee who accompany me back^.^ *LUCKY*

-Task ONE. College bus to go FBMK. Hey, saw one bus, but serumpun bus (won't go straight to FBMK.) Nevermind me and Siew Lee thought. We took the bus. The time showed 3.20p.m. Could I make it for the 3.36p.m commuter bus? The serumpun bus stopped, and it stopped moving until the bus is loaded. Hell's lord, not much people is taking the bus. It'll take ages for it to be loaded. This time came a KPZ/KTP bus and stopped in front of the serumpun bus. Without any delay, me and Siew Lee
rushed down from the bus and boarded the KPZ/KTP. *LUCKY*...Nah..try imagine see...I holding a box( the double A one), running like "soh poh" funny...XD

-Task TWO. Commuter bus to commuter station. ^^Managed to catch the 3.36p.m. bus....In the bus I met a nice girl who is willing to hold the box for me.*LUCKY*...*The fact that she didn't know piggies were inside. I wondered what did she feel while holding the box for me...when those piggies were jumping about, sure she's freaked out...XD

-Task THREE. Wait commuter to KL Sentral. I met a friend who was going back Perak too...So she helped me up in carrying the piggies...^^*LUCKY*

-Task FOUR. KL Sentral to Kampar. Critical part. everyone knows right that animals are forbidden in the  train and even any public transport. All the way home was so peace and calm. No one suspect ed anything about my box. I dared not open the box, scared that the smell would alert people.

Home...muah muah muah...I opened the box. Oh of it was nt moving...I touched it, it didn't move...Haha...Nah....later it moved..

This is my Smuggling story...Currently. those piggies are save in the hands of Bro. :D