Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Miss You!!!!!

Its been a month and more I've parted from my family and friends who are in Kampar. Really miss them. But anyway, I did enjoy my this was what new things I did during this month.......@ and outside UPM....
1. I took the commuter for the first time. Need to squeeze in....Pity
2. I went to mid valley for the first time.
3. I joined English debate.....harhar
4. I went the Mines for the first time.
5. Planted corn for the first time.
6. Walk around the forest.
7. Participated in MTB .
8. Puasa with my malay friends.
9. Watched ragby match.
10.Spent a a lot and a lot.
11. Cross the 400++ placing....
12.Lab experiments...Chemistry, Physics and Bio....Boring oh doing reports
13. Learnt phonetics.
14. went kajang for first time...(had dim sum, hong kong zhu cheong fun. satay, wantan mee,......)
15. so much more......

I'll be going home...I'm so touch...going home for the first time...

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