Thursday, August 1, 2013


BAMM... It's sembreak^^~ wee
I thought that it's beem already a year I did not update my blog. It seem that I'm wrong after all.... xD * My last update was half a year ago.. xD


Why? Because I do no know what I want for my Master.... BAMMMMM!!!

I want to major for behaviour...
I want to major for nutrition....
I want to go for bacteria....

xD I hope I found out what I want soon...... ^^v

* I definitely think I will not want to step into ruminant field.....xD

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Hello peeps... I'm Back.. :) Missing me?? xD
 Super shocking incident that makes me post here.. haha..
  Just now.... *really just now...
Well most shocking things ever happened!!!!!!

After supermarket and pasar malam, ME, Daddy and Mummy and Sis reach home; with Luck Luck barking ferociously at the bushes...
 Then you'll know.... >>>>> SNAKE!!!!
Luck luck :)

Dad kept guard near the bushes.
 Lucky kept barking.

Gody the Troublemaker xD
  Gody came interupting * ><''
    Bo Zhi busy meowing for food *><'' in the cage*
Lucky kept barking
 She dug into the bush
   Pssssss.....was what I heard
I grabbed super poison cockroach spray, and a rottan* prepare for war!!!
  Lucky got hold the snake in mouth
   She flung the snake * black cobra....>>> landed at Daddy's leg!!!!!! BANG
I shouted " OMG!!!!!!" *really shocked. >_______<'

Dad grabbed rottan. PIAK PIAK PIAK PIAK... smashed the snake.
Lucky, still keeping guard.....

Snake thrown into drain. Danger over.....for now..........

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Wee....I'm back...miss me?? xD is Deepavali. but dun worry, I won't be blogging bout it. Huh....It's been a long time since I didn't update my blog...and there's a lot of blog that I need to catch up with... :0

Haha.....a new degree brings my life 360 degree changes. New people, new college, new faculty, new friends, new study clothes....hahaha...bla bla bla....

After a month of super hectic life, finally there's a week break for me...* well not break also anyway, I still got a lot of assignments to do.....ARGHHH...and dissapointedly, the diseases come strike me during holiday time...argh...anyway I don't care...I'm gonna eat every single curry served on the table today^^~

Saturday, August 27, 2011


A million thanks to beloved friends of mine. You all indeed made me miss you all a lot. Like a lot a lot which I think I might cry, fearing that we we won't have the chance to meet again or the chance to gather like this again.

250811, drizzly, cloudy
This Sunway trip is what we call > Graduation Trip!

Date : 25 August 2011
Time  : 9.00 a.m. (If follow plan xD)
Venue : Sunway Themepark + Lagoon
People involved : -
Girls : Me, Fen, Mel, Esther, Steph and Siew Lee
Guys : Kai, Danny, Alvin, Nick and Boey

Sunway Lagoon, a place where I had part of my childhood memories. Used to be here with family. But for this day, I'm there, with friends. For the first time taking the pirate ship with friends. Haha.. I still remember Alvin's expression. Whao, unlike the Pirate ship I had taken before in Singapore, this one indeed a more challenging one. I had the feeling of being hang above the air. Then, it was my first time to take a ride that spinned me up 360 degrees. I was like totally letting myself hanged and my butt was no more on the seat xD wahhh. Haha.... Danny's slipper slipped and it hit Kai's face. Other more stuffs that we played. Haha...I just laughed the whole time~ <3

After the extreme park, we proceeded to Lagoon. Yeay, play water! Hehe.... Truth or Dare...Guess what, I got to make up with someone I disliked through that.

Around 4 something, we had to rush back because the guys are going to Kedah (Alvin's house) that particular night. So, me and Siew Lee followed the guys back while others ( Steph, Esther, Fen and Mel) headed home on their own. It was such a pity because at first the trip was supposed that we had lunch before we headed home. Haih....

Nah, now you think. Me and Siew Lee headed back college with the guys. Guys there are 5 of us, including me and Siew Lee would be 7 people. Haha. 7 people in a Waja.
Boey : the driver. Alvin : Front seat. Danny, Nick, Kai, Me and Siew Lee : Behind seat. Haha...Sitting one front one back. We managed to squeeze 5 people in the behind seat. Hahahahaha........

It comes to an end~

240811, Wednesday.
A year plus had passed and it's time to bid goodbye. Friends of Foundation in Agricultural Science, I'm officially saying this : " I missed all of you and I will cherish all the sweet, sour, bitter and pungent moments we had together."
Couldn't agree more that faith is the most miraculous thing in this world. It is faith that drew us near and faith is the one drawing us apart. Never did thought of enter UPM. I did say once : "Yer,  UPM ah...I don't want to enter this university." *Thanks to a teacher I do not like in secondary school, whom he was graduated at UPM.*
But yet funny thing is that ( I'm so sorry to say this xD), although being in foundation for a year more, I still do not know some of them, hmm, in fact majority of
However, I'm glad that I met those wondrous people. I've created a lots of first time experience during this one year. For the first time I went to lecture without uniform. For the first time I cooked. For the first time I had 3 birthday cakes for my birthday. For the first time I fasted. For the very very very first times......Ahhh....Missed them so much...

Bye bye Foundation. Degree, here I come!