Saturday, August 27, 2011


A million thanks to beloved friends of mine. You all indeed made me miss you all a lot. Like a lot a lot which I think I might cry, fearing that we we won't have the chance to meet again or the chance to gather like this again.

250811, drizzly, cloudy
This Sunway trip is what we call > Graduation Trip!

Date : 25 August 2011
Time  : 9.00 a.m. (If follow plan xD)
Venue : Sunway Themepark + Lagoon
People involved : -
Girls : Me, Fen, Mel, Esther, Steph and Siew Lee
Guys : Kai, Danny, Alvin, Nick and Boey

Sunway Lagoon, a place where I had part of my childhood memories. Used to be here with family. But for this day, I'm there, with friends. For the first time taking the pirate ship with friends. Haha.. I still remember Alvin's expression. Whao, unlike the Pirate ship I had taken before in Singapore, this one indeed a more challenging one. I had the feeling of being hang above the air. Then, it was my first time to take a ride that spinned me up 360 degrees. I was like totally letting myself hanged and my butt was no more on the seat xD wahhh. Haha.... Danny's slipper slipped and it hit Kai's face. Other more stuffs that we played. Haha...I just laughed the whole time~ <3

After the extreme park, we proceeded to Lagoon. Yeay, play water! Hehe.... Truth or Dare...Guess what, I got to make up with someone I disliked through that.

Around 4 something, we had to rush back because the guys are going to Kedah (Alvin's house) that particular night. So, me and Siew Lee followed the guys back while others ( Steph, Esther, Fen and Mel) headed home on their own. It was such a pity because at first the trip was supposed that we had lunch before we headed home. Haih....

Nah, now you think. Me and Siew Lee headed back college with the guys. Guys there are 5 of us, including me and Siew Lee would be 7 people. Haha. 7 people in a Waja.
Boey : the driver. Alvin : Front seat. Danny, Nick, Kai, Me and Siew Lee : Behind seat. Haha...Sitting one front one back. We managed to squeeze 5 people in the behind seat. Hahahahaha........

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