Saturday, August 27, 2011

It comes to an end~

240811, Wednesday.
A year plus had passed and it's time to bid goodbye. Friends of Foundation in Agricultural Science, I'm officially saying this : " I missed all of you and I will cherish all the sweet, sour, bitter and pungent moments we had together."
Couldn't agree more that faith is the most miraculous thing in this world. It is faith that drew us near and faith is the one drawing us apart. Never did thought of enter UPM. I did say once : "Yer,  UPM ah...I don't want to enter this university." *Thanks to a teacher I do not like in secondary school, whom he was graduated at UPM.*
But yet funny thing is that ( I'm so sorry to say this xD), although being in foundation for a year more, I still do not know some of them, hmm, in fact majority of
However, I'm glad that I met those wondrous people. I've created a lots of first time experience during this one year. For the first time I went to lecture without uniform. For the first time I cooked. For the first time I had 3 birthday cakes for my birthday. For the first time I fasted. For the very very very first times......Ahhh....Missed them so much...

Bye bye Foundation. Degree, here I come!

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