Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another piece of puzzle in life~

I wonder...I ponder... Is this really me? I'm starting to feel like I'm losing myself..Am I? All this makes me puzzled~

I hope that I can really find my trueself...The true me...

I'm ** ***** **** ***. When I know that ** ***** ** **** *** **, I kinda *******. But, I do hope **** ******* ** **** * ***** *****. Cause I know, * **** ** ******. (Fill in the * your own, but don't ask for answers. I shall bring this to the grave.)


Hmm...In this super late hour, I should in bed. Since I'm in UPM, my bedtime is really never early. Why is this so? Someone? Something? Only I know....Hohoho... Well, today...nono.....25072011, another birthday celebration for a dear friend of mine, Kai in UPM. *Wah, a luxury one* XP I love the part where all of us can gather together~ *Except that Mel and Siew Lee not with us*.

The plotting was done by Mr. Director, Alvin Lim.....=.= A lousy one I guess.....last minute only tell me the details....I was blurred!!! But anyway the surprise was a success....hehe....What to do?.....We did have a lot actor and actresses here...XD muahaha...

Date : 25072011 (B'day eve)
Time : 7.20 pm (Journey start)
Place : Seri Kembangan...Not mistaken is Yip Yan Restaurant
Transport : Michelle's car - Michelle(Driver), Kim, Moon, Yien Ting and nonetheless, Fen.
                  Boey's car - Boey(Driver), Danny & Nick(sharing front seat XD), ME +), Peggy, Esther, Stephanie
                  Alvin's motorbike - Alvin(Driver), Kai (The celebrated one)

At around 7 pm, Alvin called : "Chee Yien, now you or any girls call Kai to ask about what time for dinner tonight so that he won't feel that we are plotting." So I just obey.

Me : Helo, Kai. Later dinner what time...???
Kai : What dinner? What are you talking about? Who tell you?
Me : Later I call back *I'm so confused that time. But then when I called Alvin back, he told me that he actually know and play play don't know.

Later, Michelle receive a phone call from Kai, asking Michelle whether she's joining the outing not. She told, "No...I already bought food and C.Y. didn't tell anything about it.' Then Kai invited the others and the whole gang to join as well....But Michelle answer : No....All of them don't want to go. Too sudden and in addition they have "presentation" tomorrow.

He believed......I guessed......Haha, see how good we are.......XD

The journey was thrilling! At 1st, we were a bit off schedule, so, we were almost spotted by the b'day guy. Boey parked back his car and so did Michelle. Funnier part was those in Michelle's car hid themselves under so that won't be spotted. Next, at a junction, we were this close in being spotted again...*Showing very close* XD waaaaaa......

Then, we had a luxury Chinese style dinner....Everyone is bankrupt now.....T_T But it really gave me the feeling of a family~*okok....no emo stuffs~ We eat eat....chat chat....sing sing...laughter filling the place. We sang him Happy Birthday song and he felt so paiseh...*haha...public ma....* XD

The Birthday Cake....written, 19th Fever~
Later on, we went to pasar malam....WEEE ^^V....I finally got to go there.... some more with the big gang~ When we reached there, "Eh, where is Michelle's car?".... Boey : "Oh NO...I forgot to lead her." So, I called. I was told that Michelle's car won't start up....OMG X[] However, problem's solve ^^~ So they headed to pasar malam....

Another history created~

p.s. Sorry Michelle...I didn't blog bout your birthday...but don't worry kay....As soon as I'm free...I write bout it....and no gossip in room...It's nothing~ By the way...thanks a thousands (Don't ask for million kay XD) Chee Yien Lee is back in facebook...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Wuhooooooooooo!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

MAPAS (Majlis Apresiasi ASPer)

I can say that this is the very significant function during my foundation life....which will gonna end in one month time :(
How much can I rank this function > 9/10 (thumbs up Boss Hanafi).Only photos can describe how good this event was.....I cherished the moments and photos......*I looked damn cute.....and thanks Alvin for the hat...I look like a superstar in that....can I have it????XD
Who is this?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A year

Last year on this date, 030701, Significantly to all enrolments to university. Being part of it was a blessing.

Never did I dreamt of being here,
Never did I thought of meeting you,
Not just friends,
Ups and Downs,
High and Low,
With a blink, A Year.
That very day,
I almost shed my tears,
bidding goodbye to Mummy and Granny~
Yet, I stand strong, till now...will continue to stand strong...

Saturday, July 2, 2011

It's me!

Here I am, jotting down the very genuine part of me.

Despite all the hectic that I have *I think it was, ok....don't debate bout it* I decided to let myself free for this weekend, which is what I'm doing now. ^^v

A lot of conflicts happened lately, and it shouldn't happen in the first place. One wrong step and we had to face the crucial consequences. Well, actually I don't even want to care about it. Not that I can do anything from it to help save the situation. I just want to do my part well that's all. >>>This is me!

Lazy as I am, I'm here doing nothing...as the song goes..."Today I don't feel like do anything."

I think you all roughly have some idea of what kind of person I am.

I judge myself as (negative):
1. lazy (100% pure laziness)
2. whatever - type person
3. last minute type person *so true
4. words out from my mouth really hurts *bang! do not step on my foot XD
5. do not know how to really comfort people in need. good in self-comforting.
6. selfish *Seriuosly at some point.*
7. likes procrastination
8. unpunctual
9. good at lame jokes
10. irresponsible
11. act big
12. afraid of losing
13. envious
14. at points freakingly annoying
15. :p

to be cont.....*see..part of lazy*

Despite the fact that I know my weaknesses, I do not put any effort in changing them. XD

That's me! ^^