Saturday, January 19, 2013


Hello peeps... I'm Back.. :) Missing me?? xD
 Super shocking incident that makes me post here.. haha..
  Just now.... *really just now...
Well most shocking things ever happened!!!!!!

After supermarket and pasar malam, ME, Daddy and Mummy and Sis reach home; with Luck Luck barking ferociously at the bushes...
 Then you'll know.... >>>>> SNAKE!!!!
Luck luck :)

Dad kept guard near the bushes.
 Lucky kept barking.

Gody the Troublemaker xD
  Gody came interupting * ><''
    Bo Zhi busy meowing for food *><'' in the cage*
Lucky kept barking
 She dug into the bush
   Pssssss.....was what I heard
I grabbed super poison cockroach spray, and a rottan* prepare for war!!!
  Lucky got hold the snake in mouth
   She flung the snake * black cobra....>>> landed at Daddy's leg!!!!!! BANG
I shouted " OMG!!!!!!" *really shocked. >_______<'

Dad grabbed rottan. PIAK PIAK PIAK PIAK... smashed the snake.
Lucky, still keeping guard.....

Snake thrown into drain. Danger over.....for now..........