Sunday, January 23, 2011

A day, All out~

After weeks of hectic life at Uni...currently still busy...I managed to sneak one day for an outing with my beloved friends in U...Kim, one of my roomy who will accompany me for every weekend (although lately not) , Peggy, one my my closest friend and classmate, and Esther, one of the earliest people I know in U.

Venue : Kl area (Bukit Bintang, Time Square, Sungei Wang, Low Yat Plaza, Mines)
Date : 22 January 2010
Time : from College, 10am - back to college, 9.++pm (approx. half of the day)

After meeting my college Ayah for a Chinese New Year program, we went straight to the bus stop and waited for our so-long-to-wait (commuter) bus. How lucky we were. We skipped all unnecessary bus and manage to get on to one bus which in last minute decided to go commuter station.

College13 > Serdang commuter station >KL sentral > Monorail to Bukit Bintang > Sungei Wang > Low Yat > TimeSquare > KL Sentral > Serdang KTM > Mines >College13(UPM)

We had our lunch at A&W...

Next we went too Sungei Wang and found nothing...Headed to Low Yat Plaza...and bought myself an external hard disk, resulting in lacking $$ for clothes...T_T

On the way to TimeSquare, me and Peggy unfortunately met those people who are trying to ask people to buy their stuffs..saying that they are in a competition...bla bla bla...say pulak got one friend same hometown as mine....On the other hand, Peggy's one claimed that they are from the same hometown...Sweat...They sweet talk people and it annoys me....And for the first and Peggy managed to run away from them...(though we had already fill in out info in their forms....haha)....Way to go....And the thing was...I just used up all my $$....somemore the amount they need is not little...Minimum and Peggy pura-pura take our phone out and using this chance to run away....(Anyway, Esther and Kim, how could you both abandon us?)

We went back to KL Sentral and where Kim met her friend...We splited later on..

Anyway, although it's KL, it's so hard for me to find one that I like..Phew!!!So tiring.I manged to buy myself a T-shirt for Chinese New Year at Mines. But yet I still need pants...Once again, we took the boat ride...@ Mines...we found food for guinea pigs...shopped....walked....Peggy had herself fringed up...and lastly we ended up @ Old Town for our dinner. And...guess what...the three of us were the three who played D.O.T.A till very late...and...for your info....Me and Peggy did went for D.O.T.A after that.....

Saturday, January 8, 2011

1st week~'s almost a week that I've been back to UPM...It seems like I've been back for months!!!

Anyway, the week was hectic. There's always meeting, meeting and more meetings. HICOM and MTM really sucks up all my free time...depriving my nap time as well, resulting in a zombie mental condition. Owh, how I missed those days where I could sleep 3 times>.<

so far,
I'm still able to manage my time...
However, I'd always thought for giving up...I've decided to give up debate...ngeh ngeh up MTM maybe...just the matter of time...Friends were some asking me to stay and some adviced me not to.

Hm..this year's timetable is a packed one...And unfortunately I got those lecturers who likes to ask students to do exercises...Being a lazy bump, I hardly drag my hands and brain to work...huhuhu...

For this weekend, I never felt so lonely before...what a coincidence that all my close friends of UPM left kolej, leaving me alone..anyway...peace and tranquility...I can sing whatever I want, eat my roomies stuffs, kacau their stuffs...ngee ngee ngee (Michelle, if your reading this please be aware that you're one of my roomy as well >.< geh geh geh)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sem 2 - Beginning

One and a half month had past meaninglessly. Ta-ta and sayonara...There goes my 1st sem break.....There goes 2010.

2011, a brand new year for all living beings in this world. A new year, new spirit, new responsibilities, new lecture timetable, new lecturers.............

Yesterday, after all odds, I finally managed to set foot on my beloved college. Phew, once again I found the journey challenging and tiring. But what can I do??? Lecture starts today~~~

6.00 a.m. - Alarm rang > snoozed for 15 minutes > prepare myself for the 1st lecture of the sem and the year...

It's the first day of lecture and this is what happened...As I had mentioned, there are new lecturers who are going to teach my lecture group. The 1st lecture of the day > Biology (ASB0202) > new lecturer, Dr. A.R.K. Wow, there are so many rules that I have to follow when entering his class. It reminds me of secondary school where we have to ask permission to go to toilet, wish thank you when class dismiss (But is of course we should greet them as sign of respect and appreciation, and don't get it wrong. We didn't wish him as a whole, just individually.), and bla bla bla....And as usual, me, Peggy and Fen, were sitting in the most front row of the class. However, due to the lecturer request, we were made to sit at the most behind seats. (My first time sitting behind. Can't hear clearly what Dr. ARK says.) Then, Mr. Chow Gong came. 3 of us felt so sleepy but yet we couldn't. Dr. ARK is quite strict. We dare not do so.

Next class > English (BBI2420). So longing to see my new language instructor. I really missed Ms. Sarah but unfortunately she was assigned to teach my friend's class. Anyway, my new language instructor is a Malay lady, in her 30's perhaps. She spoke in a very pleasant accent. I think I will love this one too...^^

Later on, biology lab cancelled...Whoopee...and the best part is there's no class tomorrow!!!!

Anyway, this semester will be a hectic one. Due to the fact of HICOM and MTM....meeting non-stop...X-X and never forgetting SGM meetings.....

P.s. I really need good time management...Hire me a manager please!XD